۝ सभी साधक पूज्य बापूजी के सुप्रचार के लिए संगठित हो एवं कुप्रचार को उखाड़ फेकें; ॐ ह्रीं ॐ

۩ न्यू वीसीडी 'सफ़ेद झूठ का पर्दा फाश' दिखाई जायगी एवं प्रेस की ताकत न्यूजपेपर (न्यू एडिशन) भी वितरित होगा

۩ कल सोमनाथ मंदिर 9 TO 11 AM (साप्ताहिक सत्संग) में अपने आस पास के साधकों को साथ ले कर ज्यादा से ज्यादा संख्या में आये


 मस्ट सी न्यू वीसीडी - सफ़ेद झूठ का पर्दाफाश -

 आज तक चैनल पर 2-3 दिन बाद पूज्य बापूजी का डेली सत्संग शुरू हो सकता है (नॉट कन्फर्मड)


۩ कितने ही लोगों ने बापूजी के खिलाफ चल रहे षड्यंत्र की निंदा की व इस सुप्रचार के लिए जींद के साधकों की तारीफ की

۩ हरी ॐ  जी, कल रात को रानी तालाब के पास जो बाल संस्कार प्रदर्शिनी लगी थी, बहुत सफल गयी; जनता ने काफी तारीफ की व लाभ लिया


 राम राम जी


 हरिॐ जी हरिॐ

 हरिॐ जी


  1. Today ignorant people are thinking that the Human form, which does miracles, is Lord Datta. Demons and devils also do miracles. Are they god? Even if they claimed themselves as God, sages did not agree. Miracles are only jewels of God, which can be given to others, by God. If the king donates his jewels to beggar, does the beggar become the king? Demons and devils are also children of God. They take the miracles from God, by doing rigid penance. If your child is rigid, for your gold chain, will you not give it to that weeping child? When the child wears that gold chain, will the child become the father? Similarly by getting the powers from God, one does not become God.

    Knowledge is the shape and bliss is the beauty of God. The child can get the gold chain from his father, but not the shape and beauty of the father. Similarly demons and devils may get the powers from God to do miracles. But they cannot get the knowledge and bliss of the God. A real devotee recognizes the God in Human form by his blissful knowledge and not by his miracles. A Queen recognizes her husband who is the king, by the inseparable shape and beauty of her husband and not by his jewels. The foolish Queen requires the crown and jewels, to identify her husband. She rejects her husband, if he comes without crown and jewels. If some thief comes with that crown and jewels, the foolish queen recognizes him as her husband. Actually, people like miracles, because through miracles, they will detect the existence of the powers of God, in that human form. Then they want to use the powers for their selfish end, like getting wealth, curing disease etc. This is not selfless love and so it is not the right path to reach God. Hence miracles are harming the devotees. Hanuman recognized Lord Rama as God in Human form, even though Rama did not show any miracles and nobody is more intelligent than Hanuman in this spiritual path.

    The essential duty of a Guru is to preach the right knowledge to the people who approach him. These people are serving the Guru in several ways like pressing the feet, giving Biksha (food) and giving Dakshina (money) etc. If the Guru keeps silent, it is not justified. You pay the fees to the teacher and if the teacher keeps silent, is it justified on his part to take the fees? Some Gurus are giving wrong knowledge and they will be punished in the Hell, because they have misled the people, after taking the fees.

    A doctor takes the fees from the patient and keeps silent. Another doctor takes the fees, gives the wrong medicines due to his inefficiency and kills the patient. Both such doctors are criminals. God punishes the Gurus who do not preach and the gurus who preach wrong knowledge, because they have taken the service from the people, who surrendered to them.

    The Sadgurus gives the right knowledge, even without your service. When you are convinced then only, you can do service to him which will help him, to help others. In fact a Satguru does not need your service because He is the God. He can help others, by his own powers. But you will not have the right benefit, because you did not show, the gratefulness to him. Suppose a doctor gives you medicines, without taking any fees and you get good health. If you are not paying the fees, even though you are capable, due to greediness, you will die, with a new disease. So, only for your safety, Satguru advises you to participate in the service.

  2. ek aisa chaanel ho jo in paisa khau channels ki bhi pole kholey...!! Inkey Paas hath me mike aur camera kya hua ye kuch bhi dikhany aur bolny lg gye... Hari OM.